Housing, Health and Infrastructure Crisis – The Facts

There seems to have been a conspiracy of silence in the televised election debates so far. Radio, newspapers, the main political parties and alliances – left, right and middle – all seem determined not to broach the subject of the elephant in the room of this election.

Spiralling Rents

There has been no mention of or debate about the 350,000+ EU nationals legally living and working in Ireland, although it is putting a huge strain on housing and is one of the main reasons for spiralling rents. Our buckling healthcare system and infrastructure are also suffering. When you include all persons I discuss below the true figure of recent immigrants to Ireland is over 900,000 – into a population of 4.5million! That is the elephant in the room I offer as one of the main reasons for these crises. Until this is acknowledged and debated by our political establishment no solution will be found.

There has been NO DEBATE either on TV /Radio newspaper regarding the extra 300,000+ non-EU nationals, often BOGUS English language students working for slave wages and residing in Ireland, which is another real cause of spiralling rents, the housing shortage, the healthcare car crash and infrastructure chaos.

Neither has there been any mention of the 95,000 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi non-EU nationals from former colonies of Portugal and Italy, who have now settled here over the last two years. Again, this is one of the main reasons for spiralling rents and housing shortages. Portugal wrote into their constitution in 1958 that any person born under their rule in former colonies could receive a Portuguese passport. Since then Portugal joined the EU and these non-EU nationals have availed of this loophole and have gained EU passports – only to move here, not their former colonial master Portugal. This loophole is also still open in Italy to this day. Frances Fitzgerald stated on RTÉ that these people are confused as they can’t claim asylum in two countries. They are not confused, they came here en masse, Frances is trying to confuse us.

There are a further 144,000 UK nationals legally living and working here and up to 80,000 non-EU nationals from former UK commonwealth countries. When a person is refused renewal of their UK visa that means they must leave the UK and all EU states, not board a train, take boat to Northern Ireland and cross the open border to the soft south. There are also an estimated 20,000 undocumented non-EU nationals now living in Ireland.

Our government is turning a blind eye to this as now the new arrivals can fight among themselves with other non-EU nationals for meagre slave wages. These people are not confused, they are very clever - in a good way, trying to earn a crust - but it really affects our standard of living as we are competing against non-EU nationals working in Ireland for slave wages.

By my reckoning, that is close to an extra one million people now working and living in Ireland – into a population of 4.5 million. That’s almost a 25% increase, but nowhere has this been mentioned or debated in the run up to this election. This is the Elephant in the room, the mere mention of which will see you branded a racist. This is nothing to do with racism and everything to do with informing the electorate.

Health Crisis

The number of old people admitted to hospitals from care homes with broken bones runs into many thousands each year - for the majority the underlying reason is severe dehydration. Doctors in A&E are not allowed to offer this opinion as the reason for admittance can only be listed as the result - such as a broken leg - not the underlying cause, which is dehydration.

When an elderly person is admitted to hospital, if the family cannot care for them at home while they are in recovery the patient is kept in hospital blocking a bed, while it can take months to find a place for them in a nursing home. This costs the hospital an estimated €1,400 or more per week.

My solution is to offer the Family €700 a week to care for loved ones at home and let them live out their lives in greater happiness. This would be half the price and a family member could then stop working if needed to take care of their parents and be paid at half the cost of a nursing home.This represents a huge saving.

The same goes for mentally challenged individuals - surely it makes more sense to pay families to care for their disabled loved ones at home, again at a proposed rate of €700 per week. This is in contrast to sending them off to dreadful care homes, where no one seems to know what really is going on as most staff are non-EU and working for very little pay.

To Protect the Cherished Youth of Ireland:

All J1 and Economic migrants coming to Ireland to live and work should be required to undergo a simple blood test for:

Zika, Ebola Aids, Hep C, and a range of STDs which are rampant now in the Irish Population.

This type of testing is becoming the international norm for migrant workers (including Irish people) seeking work in Middle Eastern Countries as much of the disease eradication programmes in Asia and Africa have been made useless through the re-use of vaccination needles which spread ever growing types and numbers of infection amongst those populations.

A little known fact is that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was performed on over 4,000 Females in Ireland last year alone. New laws prohibiting and criminalising FGM have been enacted in the United Kingdom, curbing the numbers suffering this cruel fate in that country. However due to lax Irish laws young girls resident in the UK are now being brought to Ireland to have this devastating procedure performed. The Irish Government needs to wake up to this fact and close the door on this brutal practice.

For more see this report from the BBC.

I challenge anyone to tell me a better way to deal with the points raised above.