EU Gravy Train

There are 650 European MEPs but the staff working for them number more than 65,000!

The reason for the huge staff numbers is that there are two European commissions which the 650 MEPs rotate back and forth between twice a year. There is no logical reason for this other than complete folly and Everything is in duplication. This is MADNESS!

I propose to close one commission for good in 2016 and sack anybody that it is possible to sack.

Referendum on number of TDs

At the moment in Ireland we are over-represented in the Dáil. We are supposed to have one TD for every 100,000 voters, but instead we have one for every 100,000 citizens. A TD for every 28,000 voters is too many.

I propose to trim back the numbers in the Dáil to accurately represent the number of eligible voters - around 60 TDs.

The money saved could provide much-needed services, rather than having our nation bled dry by an entrenched political class.

Conflict of Interests

No elected official - whether they are a TD, senator or county councillor - should be allowed to sit on the board of a private company or trust. Nor should they be allowed to take directorships or advisory roles in any private entity. They have been elected to work in the public interest!